Solutions for finer,
safer and more efficient working

Presscon specializes in the design, construction, and maintenance of nitrogen expansion systems, fire prevention systems, and innovative solutions with compressed air and nitrogen.

Solutions for various purposes

With our smart solutions, we contribute to a finer way of working. Thus, nitrogen can be used for various purposes, such as protecting tanks, preventing a possible fire and extending the shelf life of food. In addition, we offer systems that monitor machine safety and thus ensure quality. Thus, Presscon relieves you on every possible front.

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Take a look at the innovative nitrogen and compressed air solutions from Presscon that we have to offer you to unburden you in various situations.

Our solutions
& customization

Give us a problem or challenge and we will not give up until we have found a suitable solution. We like to see ourselves as your partner in innovation and progress.

Presscon has grown naturally through inventing and developing products in response to a customer’s problem. The owner, Peter Valentin, still loves nothing more than to get stuck in a complex issue in order to come to a suitable and practical solution.