Cold stores and
freezer warehouses

Nitrogen solutions for cold storage and freezer warehouses

It goes without saying that cold storage must be protected against fire. But traditional extinguishing systems with water can cause a lot of damage or worse, fail due to frozen pipes. Nitrogen is the best alternative for this. Presscon helps cold storage and freezer warehouses with innovative nitrogen solutions.

Innovative applications with nitrogen

Presscon reduces the oxygen content in your location to the point where combustion is no longer possible. As a result, your materials and equipment are safe from fire hazards and explosions. We can monitor different rooms with different oxygen percentages and adjust individually: no separate systems are required for this.

Presscon air compressors are economical and efficient. Our compensated and patented oxygen sensors measure very accurately: we can adjust to hundredths of a percent (instead of tenths). This allows for a very stable level.

Our strengths

  • very energy-efficient
  • sparring partner
  • patented solution
  • excellent after-sales service

Customization and experience

Presscon supplies tailor-made installations, fully customized to your needs and the design of your storage spaces. We design, manufacture and supply nitrogen generators. With over 20 years of experience and various patents to our name, we are the preferred collaborator for companies with automated storage.

Want to know more?

We are happy to advise you on the possibilities of using nitrogen to increase fire safety in your cold storage or frozen warehouse. Please contactPresscon.

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How we help cold stores and cold storage facilities move forward

Presscon has extensive experience in fire prevention through patented nitrogen applications. Curious about our solution for your space? We are happy to help you move forward!

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