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Based in Honselersdijk, our team is committed daily to delivering quality products to customers around the world. A team that challenges itself to lead the way, by continuously innovating and improving our services and products. We are here to develop the best solutions for our customers and help to overcome obstacles. In doing so, we are driven by the belief that cooperation is the key to success, and that will always be the starting point.

Wesley Valentin

Manager of operations

Daniela Hanemaayer

Account Manager

Ricardo Loetawan

Account Manager

Robert Vink

Account Manager

Swen de Cuijper

Account Manager

Donovan Chan

Field service mechanic

Evan Vreugdenhil

Field service mechanic

Ferdy Hoogendoorn

Field service mechanic

Niels Groenewegen

Field service mechanic

Robbie van der Knijff

Field service mechanic

Annemiek Peeters


Nora Honselaar


Rebecca Elberse


Jaco Arbouw

Technical Consultant

Joop Nederpel

Commercial Engineer

George Assendelft

KAM coordinator

Willem Hoogervorst

Engineer of Development

Marcel Koppert


Nathalie van Mil

Warehouse Administrator

Yardi Roodbol


Whatever our customer encounters, we devise and build a solution for. That’s the beauty of it. We devise it together to ultimately unburden the customer.

Peter Valentin

CTO Presscon


We can’t help it, it’s like an invisible force that drives us. An intrinsic motivation, always challenging ourselves to get ahead of progress. By innovating, improving and expanding our products and services. To develop the best solutions for our customers and help them overcome the obstacles they face. Driven by the belief that cooperation is the key to success and therefore always the starting point.