Compressed Air

Compressed air as a drive for machines and processes

Compressed air plays a crucial role in many production processes, where capacity and quality must be in balance.

Compressed air is the driving force in the use of many machines and processes in, for example, packing stations and sorting units. The use of compressed air gives a huge increase of processing power in processes, which is virtually irreplaceable by any other application.

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Presscon compressed air solutions

Presscon specializes in the design, construction, and maintenance of nitrogen expansion systems, fire prevention systems, and innovative solutions with compressed air and nitrogen. Compressed air generation has many different applications. Below you will find our products:





Discover the power of compression

By means of a compressor, the air is compressed to a given pressure. When air is compressed, the molecules move faster, causing the temperature to rise. This phenomenon is called compression heat. By compressing, the air molecules are literally forced into a smaller space, bringing them closer together.

The energy released is equal to the energy needed to squeeze the air into the smaller space. In other words, the energy is stored for later use. Think, for example, of a balloon that ‘flies away’ as soon as it is punctured.

Using compressed air efficiently

“Is compressed air already present?” is one of the first questions we will ask you during an introduction. By thinking along with this at an early stage, we can in many cases deliver a more efficient compressed air solution. For example, we may be able to supply one large, frequency-controlled compressor, instead of a number of smaller compressors. The result is a more professional and reliable process that is easier to maintain, less complex and more cost-effective.

When there is a larger compressor fleet, an AFX Compressor Controller offers the possibility to save energy by efficiently controlling the compressors. By linking the AFX Controllers of each compressor in the location, the controller knows what their status is. Together it can then be determined which compressor should be switched on or off.

With a backup compressor, you don’t have to rely on one large compressor. If there is a malfunction or a defect, the backup compressor can take over the process immediately and you will not run out of compressed air. This is important for ensuring business continuity and offers entrepreneurs peace of mind.

A compressed air line provides compressed air for the various processes present. This often requires additional equipment, in the form of filters and adsorption or freeze dryers, to remove oil and water from the compressed air.

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