Inertization by nitrogen

The addition of an inert gas prevents chemical processes such as oxidation. An inert gas like nitrogen has endless applications for many different industries.

Oxidation is one of the biggest challenges for many (manufacturing) processes. Substances should not come into contact with oxygen because it accelerates the aging process of the product, affects the results or starts a chemical reaction.

An inert gas, such as nitrogen, is a gas that does not enter into a chemical reaction. This makes it suitable for serving as a buffer between a product or process and the outside air to protect it from outside influences.

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Inertization products for your business

Presscon specializes in the design, construction, and maintenance of nitrogen expansion systems, fire prevention systems, and innovative solutions with compressed air and nitrogen. Below is an overview of Presscon’s inerting products:

PRESSCON N-GEN multifunctional






Inertization in different industries

Applications of inerting vary widely. Consider packing stations, for example, where nitrogen in packaging extends the shelf life of daily fresh produce. Products such as soft fruits thus age less quickly, and retain their quality longer.

Hospitals and laboratories often use an inert gas to perform medical tests to keep the results from being affected by outside factors. With an inert gas (such as nitrogen), we create an environment for the research object or medical application (such as a 3D printer), where oxygen and bacteria, among other things, have no chance to cause a chemical reaction or affect research conditions.

Inerting can also play an important role for the manufacturing industry and (beer) breweries to protect processes, which need to be oxygen-free. For example, providing tin baths with a nitrogen blanket to prevent oxidation, or cleaning production vessels of residues, oxygen or carbon dioxide. Pressure can also be used to ensure that liquids move from tank to tank.

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Thus, with inerting, you prevent oxygen from triggering an aging and/or wear process. Presscon is happy to advise on the possible application of inertization by nitrogen for your product or process.

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