Nitrogen solutions for manufacturing

Oxygen can have adverse effects on equipment and machinery, such as oxidation and fire hazards. Nitrogen can expel oxygen and be used as packaging or protective gas, for example. Presscon helps companies in the manufacturing industry by providing more efficient and safer business processes through the use of nitrogen.

Innovative applications with nitrogen

There are many possible applications for nitrogen in the manufacturing industry. For example, nitrogen can act as a backing gas to protect a welded joint. It expels the oxygen that is expelled on the side of the weld: the welded joint is therefore also more resistant to corrosion in the future.

With PCBs (Printed Circuit Board) it is important that there is no corrosion of the solder metal. For the reason that this can lead to short circuits and interrupted connections. By blowing the nitrogen onto the connecting material, the oxygen is expelled. The purity of the nitrogen must be at least 99.99%; A lower purity will have a negative effect on the soldering.

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Customization and experience

Presscon provides customized installations, fully tailored to your needs and the layout of your business processes. With over 20 years of experience and various patents to our name, we are the preferred collaborator for companies in the manufacturing industry.

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We are happy to advise you on the possibilities of using nitrogen on various parts of your company, for example during welding work. Please contact Presscon.

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