Fire Prevention

Fire prevention by means of nitrogen

Not all rooms are suitable for providing a sprinkler system. Nitrogen is an effective solution to prevent fire.

Freezer halls, server rooms/UPS, rooms with electrical panels and/or batteries, silos with powder, or other areas where fragile products/materials are present, can often not be protected with standard extinguishing systems. In the event of a fire, sprinklers will only cause damage. In addition, these systems do not ensure that fire is prevented; They only take care of the extinguishing an existing fire.

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One system for multiple rooms

In certain situations, existing extinguishing systems are therefore not a suitable solution. This may be because of the vulnerability of the stored products or because the space is so compact (automated storage) that not all corners can be reached, although that is important. A fire prevention system can then offer a solution.

Presscon’s systems prevent fire by lowering the oxygen level within a room. In this way, a low-oxygen environment is created, so that the risk of a fire or explosion can be prevented. Presscon can also investigate whether nitrogen is a suitable solution at your company with a feasibility study.

Depending on the stored product, the desired oxygen percentage is determined. Then we look at how we can use the solution as energy-efficiently as possible. System can monitor different rooms under different nitrogen percentages. That makes it efficient and energy efficient.

In addition, our HP-PSA technology is distinguished by an optimized airflow in the generator and a unique pressure system for the activated carbon. In addition to the low compressed air consumption, this also means that when using a LOX system, a compressor with a smaller capacity can be used to achieve the required amount of compressed air.

An energy-efficient solution

Compressed air compressors for nitrogen production are known to be energy guzzlers. Presscon uses one of the most efficient compressors on the market, and our HP-PSA systems have a particularly low compressed air factor. Thus, you save significantly on energy consumption.

Our compensated and patented oxygen sensors measure very accurately because we can switch to hundredths (instead of tenths). This allows us to achieve a very stable level with a deviation of one tenth and our systems are energy-saving. Moreover, our systems have a very long service life.

24/7 service

Presscon can monitor all delivered systems 24/7, if required. This allows us to unburden our clients and proactively respond to any problems or irregularities.