Do you have a complex issue and are curious about what Presscon can do in it? We are happy to engage with you to explore possible solutions.

Innovation is in our genes

Give us a problem or challenge and we will not give up until we have found a suitable solution. We like to see ourselves as your partner in innovation and progress.

Presscon has grown naturally through inventing and developing products in response to a customer’s problem. The owner, Peter Valentin, still loves nothing more than to get stuck in a complex issue in order to come to a suitable and practical solution.

Custom solutions

We will engage with you and provide absolutely customized solutions, looking not only for a solution to your challenge, but also how to make it as energy efficient and maintenance friendly as possible.

Product development is our passion and you can see that in our innovative solutions, commitment and proven track record within various industries. Many of our solutions use nitrogen, where in terms of application we have extensive experience in the horticultural industry, but also serve customers in a wide range of industries. Several of our products and solutions are also patented.


Do you have a complex issue and are curious about what Presscon can do in it? We are happy to engage with you to explore possible solutions. Perhaps the solution already exists and with some minor modifications we can make it applicable to your business. Otherwise, we look forward to doing a deep dive to come up with an innovative idea that does offer this solution.

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Presscon specializes in the design, construction, and maintenance of nitrogen expansion systems, fire prevention systems, and innovative solutions with compressed air and nitrogen. Want to know more? Please fill out the form below and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Nitrogen generator for biological pest control

We devise and build custom solutions. Like this mobile nitrogen generator for biological pest control. Our client wants to treat large bulk lots of flower bulbs on site with nitrogen to control microorganisms present. Together we conceived and built this mobile system: compressor, nitrogen generator and pressure vessel combined on one frame. Moveable with a forklift to allow operation at another location.

Now matter to adjust the custom system. In our factory, we test the overall operation. Is the compressor delivering the right pressure? Does the system give an alert if something is not functioning to the standard? This is also a unique setup for us; plug and play function to treat large bulk lots of seed and consumer goods on site with nitrogen. Treatment with nitrogen is a completely biological method of pest control. In doing so, it leaves no residue on the treated product. We look forward to seeing the customer’s experience in practice soon!

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