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Inert materials for hospitals and laboratories

Laboratories and nitrogen are inseparable. In many research and medical applications, oxygen and bacteria must be kept separate from medical gases. Presscon has several applications with inert materials for the medical sector.

Innovative applications with nitrogen

Presscon produces pure nitrogen on site (i.e., on location at your hospital). By creating an inert atmosphere in special laboratory equipment, medical gases and equipment do not come into contact with oxygen. As a result, there is no oxidation. Nitrogen has a dew point below -60 degrees. This prevents bacteria from moving.

Our strengths

  • very high purity
  • inert environment for research
  • production on site
  • excellent after-sales service

Customization and experience

Presscon provides customized installations, fully tailored to your needs and the layout of your hospital or laboratory. The nitrogen we produce has a very high purity level (<1 ppm purity level): this makes it very suitable for use as a scientific gas in hospitals and laboratories.

Want to know more?

We would be happy to advise you on the possibilities of using nitrogen in various components in your hospital or laboratory. Please contact Presscon.

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How we advance medical and laboratories

Curious about what Presscon can do for you? We are happy to think with you about how to use nitrogen as an efficient solution in your hospital or laboratory.

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