Oxygenating water

Stronger plants with pure water

Water with a high oxygen content makes plants and flowers flourish.

Biological pollution of the water is a major problem within horticulture. This contamination can affect the crop. This can be prevented by enriching the water with oxygen. This can be prevented by enriching the water with oxygen. In addition, the oxygen bubbles also attach to the dirt in the water. In this way, the dirt is eaten by the bacteria, because they are fed by the oxygen applied in the water.

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Products to enrich oxygen to water

Presscon specializes in the design, construction, and maintenance of nitrogen expansion systems, fire prevention systems, and innovative solutions with compressed air and nitrogen. Our products in the field of oxygenated water enrichment are:



Benefits for horticulture

Using water rich in oxygen has a positive impact on the crop. Among other things, it provides:

  • Better thriving plants
  • Less disease pressure
  • Stimulated root growth of plants, resulting in larger and stronger roots
  • Reduced presence of fungi and diseases

Due to positive effects of our Vital Oxidizer, many of our customers experience a decrease in the use of chlorine, hydrogen peroxide and ozone.

Fewer diseased plants

Growing a plant using oxygen-enriched water has a great additional benefit: the crop becomes stronger, making it less likely to get sick.

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