Oxidation is disastrous for beer

Oxidation is disastrous for beer

“From the moment we have to work oxygen-free in our brewing process, we use nitrogen. After all, oxidation is disastrous for the taste and smell of beer,” said Johan head brewer at THE Hague craft brewery Kompaan.

“We use self-generated nitrogen to expel oxygen, preventing the process of oxidation. For us, the use of nitrogen is a good alternative to the expensiveCO2. For carbonizing and the filling line, we still useCO2.” In 2018, we installed the Brew N-gen at Kompaan. Kompaan was the first brewery where we were allowed to place our generator. Our nitrogen generator for beer plants, always produces the right amount of nitrogen at any location with the right purity. The same result asCO2, but at a lower cost and with greater convenience.

Good cooperation

“Between Kompaan and Presscon, it’s an interaction. We learn from each other. Our practical experience combined with Presscon’s specialist knowledge of nitrogen purity, among other things, ensures that we are very satisfied. Presscon builds and installs a reliable nitrogen generator. From the moment of installation we have hardly had any breakdowns!”

Nitrogen in brewing process

Kompaan uses nitrogen to purge BBT tanks and kegs, and they also tap with nitrogen to keep the kegs pressurized. “For some time now we have been working with a double tank in our tasting room. Installing the new tank caused zero transition problems. With the double tank, we store more nitrogen and have more nitrogen at our disposal. After all, you shouldn’t think about not being able to tap in the bar!”

Recovering investment

Every brewery is different. Various aspects in the brewing process make the amount of nitrogen required and thus the investment different for everyone. Using a specially developed tool, we calculate what capacity a nitrogen generator should have to produce the right amount of nitrogen on site. Our tool also shows the payback period of the investment.

Customization and experience

Thanks to our many years of experience, we have gained broad knowledge in many different industries. We use this accumulated knowledge to provide solutions to as many industries as possible. We like to think with you to design and build a suitable system. One that is completely tailored to the needs and layout of each business premises.