Nathalie creates order and overview in our warehouse

Nathalie creates order and overview

Nathalie creates order and overview in our warehouse. This job is right up her alley, as she is a whiz at cleaning up, clear coding and checking. Nathalie came to us through her friend Arina to reintegrate here after her industrial accident in 2021. She joined us in early November: “I had to learn a lot, but was given the space and time here to do it at my own pace.”

Nathalie van Mil – warehouse manager

Our warehouse is currently undergoing a metamorphosis due to Nathalie’s sense of structure. Thus, it separates active – and inactive stock. And parts and products she puts together by application. This was necessary because “everything was mixed up” as she herself says. Nathalie chooses a clever layout right away. The runners are at pack height and everything is more compactly laid out. This creates space and mechanics find their parts more easily and efficiently.

Parts for oxygen reduction system

For FX Prevent’s complex and large-scale oxygen reduction systems, Nathalie organizes all the necessary products and components in a “project cell” after the design phase. At time of construction in our own factory, this saves time. And certainty. In fact, Nathalie checks all parts for availability long in advance and orders correct quantities.

When asked what Nathalie likes most about her job, she laughingly answers, “That I can provide structure, because everything was loose on the counter. And cleaning up. I’m good at tidying up. And when everything is ready, it works nicer for everyone!”