Biological control of unwanted bacteria prevents major damage

Biological control unwanted bacteria prevents major damage. Several great projects are currently underway for Presscon Solutions. For example, we use nitrogen to control microorganisms.

“Our generators produce nitrogen to displace oxygen. And are thus a solution for industries adversely affected by the effects of the oxygen molecule. These include corrosion in pipework in greenhouses, fire in cold storage facilities and data centers, or deterioration of plant and consumer goods by microorganisms. An aerobic bacterium is an organism that needs oxygen for its metabolism and does a lot of damage. When we expel oxygen with our nitrogen generator, these microorganisms die off.”

New in industry of pest control

Asked if this is new, Vink replied, “That microorganisms die off without oxygen is not new. How we treat spaces by blowing in nitrogen and thereby lowering the oxygen level in those spaces, though, is new in this industry. Many other industries are familiar with this technique, but in the field of pest control, it is a new method.

Testing successfully completed

With a number of projects, Presscon Solutions built experience in microorganism control. “We now have experience with microorganisms, such as zither needles and gall mites. For example, we are currently treating bulk lots of contaminated seed and consumer goods, such as corn and bulbs. In the room where these goods are stored in bulk, we bring down the oxygen level. We achieve this by blowing high-purity nitrogen into this area. A number of projects and tests have been completed successfully. It shows that the technique is adequate and any microorganisms present, such as zitzpits and gall mites, die off in these conditions. We continue to test further to help our customers avoid major damage!”

On-site treatment

When handling seed and consumer goods, you talk about bulk lots. “A big advantage of our technology is that we handle goods on site. After all, moving batches gives a chance of cross-contamination. Our generator produces nitrogen on location. Together with our customer we examine where, when and with what frequency treatment is needed. After all, storage and processing is different for every customer. With Presscon Solutions, we devise and build a customized solution.”

Organic alternative

The need for production and processing of fodder and consumer goods is high. In fact, changes in laws and regulations occur during 2024. As a result, chemical pesticides are no longer allowed and people are busily seeking an organic alternative. “Treatment with nitrogen is a completely biological method of pest control. In doing so, it leaves no residue on the treated product.”

Safety guaranteed

Safety requirements apply when entering an area where oxygen levels are low. Presscon has extensive experience in complying with these requirements. We have been applying our oxygen reduction systems in cold storage facilities and data centers when used as fire prevention systems for many years. Our total system is a secure solution.