Quality of water affects lifespan of heating system

Increased focus on quality and sustainability of heating system “Gardeners place great value on water quality. Not only the quality and composition of pouring water, but in this they do not forget the water in the piping system. In any greenhouse heating system, wear and tear occurs due to the continuous flow of water through […]

Proud of ISO certification!

ISO 9001 certified Since December 2023, we have been ISO 9001 certified and we are proud of that! “We have to do it together and have done it together. It is therefore great that NCI Certification confirms that we feel responsible for quality and delivery reliability and that we take this seriously. Plus a nice […]

First UL-certified panel built

Fire prevention specialist for North America In addition to being specialists in building fire prevention systems for Europe, we can also call ourselves specialists for North America. We recently built our first UL-certified panel for America. Fire prevention system LOX This makes this electrical control panel, which controls our fire prevention system LOX, compliant with […]

Presscon expands in North America

Canadian entrepreneur Gabe Schieven driven to expand Presscon’s presence in North America Presscon and Schieven are working together to establish a subsidiary in Canada in the Okanagan region. This Presscon branch serves as a springboard for various projects in North America. Focus is on supplying products to industries such as horticulture, breweries, wineries and fire […]

Our all-rounder of the warehouse

Nathalie creates order and overview in our warehouse Nathalie creates order and overview Nathalie creates order and overview in our warehouse. This job is right up her alley, as she is a whiz at cleaning up, clear coding and checking. Nathalie came to us through her friend Arina to reintegrate here after her industrial accident […]

Oxidation is disastrous for beer

Oxidation is disastrous for beer “From the moment we have to work oxygen-free in our brewing process, we use nitrogen. After all, oxidation is disastrous for the taste and smell of beer,” said Johan head brewer at THE Hague craft brewery Kompaan. “We use self-generated nitrogen to expel oxygen, preventing the process of oxidation. For […]

Fighting unwanted bacteria

Biological control of unwanted bacteria prevents major damage Biological control unwanted bacteria prevents major damage. Several great projects are currently underway for Presscon Solutions. For example, we use nitrogen to control microorganisms. “Our generators produce nitrogen to displace oxygen. And are thus a solution for industries adversely affected by the effects of the oxygen molecule. […]

Fire prevention in shipping container

Fire prevention system built in shipping container Our fire prevention system in a 20FT High Cube shipping container. Custom designed and built as a measure to greatly prevent the possibility of fire or explosion. Our fire prevention system in a 20FT High Cube shipping container. Custom designed and built as a measure to greatly prevent […]

Customized nitrogen generators are ready for installation in greenhouses

Nitrogen generators ready for installation Presscon specializes in the design, construction and maintenance of nitrogen expansion systems, among others. The system we developed and built in-house protects plants and products from corrosion, oxidation, fire and explosion hazards. Our nitrogen expansion system monitors and controls the nitrogen pressure prevailing in the expansion chamber of a central […]

Cape Brewers inaugurates nitrogen generator for their compound

Tjomme Zijlstra: “I’m curious to see what it saves and in terms of taste.” Recently, craft beer brewery Kaapse Brouwers, commissioned the nitrogen generator specially assembled for them. The Presscon N-Gen nitrogen generator prevents oxidation of beer during the brewing process and replaces the often expensive CO2. Recently, craft beer brewery Kaapse Brouwers, commissioned the […]