Passion for engineering leads to development of new water degasser

Peter Valentin (Presscon) is developing a new concept water degasser in his own factory.

Presscons Peter Valentin developed a new concept water degasser in its own factory. They are currently building two new final models for a large-scale Dutch vegetable farm. At this nursery they are struggling with greatly increased oxygen levels in the heating water and contaminated water. Resulting rust in heating pipes and boiler. The ever-driven Valentin developed an innovative solution to these obstacles with the new degasser. Unique to the new degasser is the continuous degassing with the cyclone method, temperature measurement of heating water with sensors and the carbon Part Flow Filter.

Degassing to low oxygen percentage

For the new type of degasser, Valentin developed a new efficient degassing method: the cyclone degassing technique. “We create a cyclone in the vacuum tank. That creates more movement speed in the heating water. By simultaneously pulling a vacuum (with the pump), we separate oxygen from water very efficiently. As a result, we degas to a very low oxygen percentage (20 parts per billion),” Valentin said.

More possible with warmer water

By drawing a vacuum, you lower the boiling point of water, which can cause cavitation. To counteract this, Valentin devised a system that adjusts to the inlet temperature of the water. At the inlet of the water supply, temperature sensors automatically measure an excessive temperature of the heating water. Valentin clarifies, “This means that the pump adjusts its degassing flow rate to the temperature of the water. This prevents the water from boiling and steam from forming in the degassing tank. Our system degasses at the most efficient vacuum point. As a result, you are not dependent on the temperature of the heating water. So more is possible with warmer water.”

Higher purity with carbon Partial Flow Filter

In addition to lowering oxygen levels, Valentin also sought a solution to the polluted water. Part of the new degasser is the Part Stream Filter with carbon filter: a filter bed consisting of anthracite granules. Unlike traditional bagged Partial Flow Filters, anthracite grains take in more dirt and filter the water down to dirt particles as small as 1 micron size. So a very high purity. In addition, when the filter bed is saturated, one rinses the new degasser without replacing or disassembling any parts.

Protection of heating systems

Degasification of water is important. This is because piping from a heating system in a greenhouse is never completely diffusion sealed. This causes oxygen molecules to enter the piping system. To keep the oxygen content in the water as low as possible and thus extend the life of the heating system, degassing of water is important. With a degasser, you prevent oxidation in the heating system. Existing degassers from Presscon are the ExitOxy and the Degasser. The Degasser combines vacuum degassing (ExitOxy) with a bagged Partial Flow Filter.

Partner for progress

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